Cyrus Charter of Human Rights

Cyrus Charter of Human Rights

in his name…

The cylindrical pottery, known as the Charter of Human Rights of Cyrus, was written in 538 BC during the reign of Cyrus II, the Achaemenid king and founder of the great Achaemenid emperor.

This tablet is made of baked flowers, what an amazing thing! … God created man from this worthless flower, and by blowing his soul on the mud, he raised man to the highest level. As far as he himself says:

Man-made clay cylindrical tablet 2500 years ago with inscriptions engraved on it has become so great that it is called the first charter of human rights in the world. Valuable expressions on the tablet of unfulfilled aspirations It is human beings. The Tablet of Medina has embodied the utopia that existed 2500 years ago for human beings today and with its silent language has told us the characteristics of an ideal society for us in the 21st century. In the words of Rumi who says:

We are hearing and seeing and we are happy to be silent with you, our non-mahrams

Because you are going to Jamadi, because you become the Muharram of the soul of Jamadi

From the jamadi of the world of souls, grow and hear the tumult of the components of the world

You should not be tempted to reveal the rosary of the dead

Because he does not have the soul, you have seen the interpretations of the chandeliers

The inscriptions engraved on this tablet, which is in Akkadian (New Babylonian) cuneiform, are expressed in the ruling language and the vast empire of Iran, which shows wisdom, reason, love and attention to high human values, and this is one of the most important reasons. The value and durability of this cylindrical plate has become.

The writings of this charter are written in 45 lines and the respect for nations and sects and monotheistic religions is explained with full patience.

Jabbari ruler who ruled the land of Babylon (present-day Iraq) before Cyrus the Great; As it is stated in line 8: “1. He made a living for the people. Every day he harassed the inhabitants of the city in some way. “He was destroying people with his violent acts … all people.”

And in line 10: “… The people asked the great God to pay attention to the condition of all the inhabitants of the earth whose lives and homes were in ruins…”

In the following lines, Cyrus’s justice is discussed with all people. Line 14: “… Cyrus ruled the country with truth and justice. “Marduk, the great God, was happy with the good deeds and good thoughts of this supporter of the people.”

The inscriptions on the tablet state that Cyrus, although having a vast realm of power and great power, at the height of his humble and tolerant power, freed people of all religions and godly beliefs and allowed them to worship the Lord in shrines. He was able to pay for himself. He was able to ensure peaceful coexistence between nations and nations.

Efforts to Abolish Slavery is another honor of Iranians in 500 BC. I put an end to their misery. I commanded that all people should be free to worship their God and not need them. I commanded that no one should annihilate the people of the city… “

Line 32: “I ordered all the closed places of worship to be closed. دم I returned all the people who were scattered and displaced to their places. Build their ruined houses

I did. “I called on all people to show solidarity.”

Cyrus calls everyone to the truth and the defense of human dignity, he has sought help only from God throughout the Tablet, which shows his oneness.

Some scholars, considering the character of Cyrus and Dhu al-Qarnayn alike, have considered him a heavenly and divine figure. Cyrus is a symbol of the Iranian nation with valuable heavenly and human beliefs 2500 years ago.

The charter of Cyrus is only an example of the letters defending human rights, justice and dignity. The inscription of Darius the Great in the role of Rostam also expresses the defense of human rights, justice and dignity, as stated in paragraphs 2 and 3 of this book: By the will of Ahuramazda, I am such a person that I love the truth, I do not like the bad. I do not want the weak to be harmed by the able. It is not my desire that (the person) be able to be harmed by the weak.

What is right is my desire. I do not like the liar man. I’m not fast. “You hold on to the things that come to me when I am angry.”

In the inscriptions of Biston and Ganjnameh of Hamedan, the Achaemenid kings seek the permanence of their rule only with the help of God Almighty.

The spirit of justice, freedom of valuable heavenly beliefs and the struggle against oppression and respect for the human soul and the fight against slavery 2,500 years ago, reflects the spirit of nationalism and humanity of Iranians that existed before the advent of Islam. With the arrival of the heavenly religion of Islam in Iran and the merging of the nationalist and humanitarian spirit with the transcendent spirit of religiosity, the defense of pure beliefs and pure human thoughts became more important and the emphasis on central justice and the defense of human rights according to emphatic orders. The Holy Quran received a lot of attention. The pure hearts of the united Iranians were ready to accept the heavenly voice of Islam and to accept Islam as a monotheistic truth, because the Iranians have always been the pioneers of the word of truth throughout history.

Today, after two thousand five hundred years, human societies are in crisis and need the provisions of the valuable charter of Cyrus more than ever. Today, governments need to reconsider their behavior, speech, actions, logic, principles, thoughts and ideals, and the Charter of Cyrus is a valid document to refer to human and divine principles.

Cyrus conquered Babylon without any bloodshed, freed his people from the tyranny of the ruler of that time (Nebuchadnezzar) and restored peace to his people as a gift, if we see today in Iraq the United States under the pretext of fighting dictatorship Saddam and the salvation of his people invade this country, overthrow Saddam. But how much blood was shed on the ground, was peace restored to its people? Was peace and friendship established in Afghanistan?

Cyrus allows the shrines to be rebuilt, and the people to worship their Lord with whatever religion they have, but today we see mosques being set on fire, insulting the sanctities of the Muslims (the Holy Book of the Qur’an), if This heavenly book has been sent to all the worlds with light and mercy. In this heavenly book, it is not only about Muslims, it is also about the ancient religions of Judaism and Christ. And purity is emphasized and is the perfect reference for all the free people of the world; Today is the future of the world, full of the dust of modernity that has gone astray, cut off from the source of grace and its mansions are based on it, blood and hostility are rippling in it… and we are waiting for the future of the world, which is a return to self, love and coexistence And humanity waves in it, the truth of Hanif religion is revealed in it and people smile at each other.

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