The main activities of the museum are in the field of collecting, preserving, restoring and displaying exquisite Iranian and Islamic scientific, cultural and artistic works. Organizing cultural and artistic exhibitions at the level of national and international urban and provincial sections in order to introduce and enrich the Iranian and foreign ethnic groups with the history and culture and ancient and rich art of Iran and Islam, and holding conferences, gatherings and meetings. Specialized lectures and seminars related to various scientific, cultural and artistic fields and introducing the general public at different age levels to Iranian and Islamic artists and contemporary arts and establishing relations with museums and scientific, cultural and artistic centers at home and abroad. Research and study, study and expertise in various artistic indicators and providing a suitable Internet TV and preparing a video archive of museums in Iran and the world and familiarizing different groups with the Iranian and foreign cultural, scientific and artistic community of other activities and goals of Dr. Mahfouzi Museum And is the center of the Anthropological Encyclopedia.