lucky art

Lucky mirror frame and the image of Hazrat Ali (AS) and Hasnain – Painting the icon of Mohammad Ismail Naghashbashi – Mirror frame of Ali Ashraf in 1167 AH

Lucky mirror frame – Qajar period

Lucky mirror frame – Qajar period – with the signature or Amir al-Momenin 1274 AH

Lucky mirror frame – painting by Rajabali Qajar

Lucky mirror frame – Qajar period

Lucky Cover – Painting by Mirza Baba Isfahani

Soltani cut sliding lacquer pen – for Nasreddin Shah Qajar – composite place with shell inside the sliding door

Pencil mirror frame in pocket cut – according to the order of Al-Khaqan Nizam-ol-Molk Qajar period

Gold writing in pen style

Logi painting forum, dimensions 40-60, Qajar period

Lucky painting – popular culture – Qajar

Painting under lacquer, the work of Mr. Sadegh with a figure or Sadegh Al-Waed, year 1201 AH

Sliding lacquer pen made by Master Sani Al-Molk in the 13th century AH

Lucky pen, coffin of banquets, the action of Mr. Sadegh

Lucky art scale box, with working solution and lines of 13th century AH

Lucky mirror frame, act of Mirza Agha Emami, Qajar period

Lucky Box, by Agha Zaman, Fath Ali Shah Majalis, Folk Culture

Lucky box

Qibla facade – Farsakh facade – Clock facade – Sunny