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Steel dagger with Safavid gilded jade ball pendant

18th century Andalusian gold-plated steel dagger

Royal daggers
Soltani dagger – gold-plated steel blade – handle with stone in Najaf and jewelry pendant
Soltani dagger – inlaid white jade emerald steel blade
Khantari Soltani – Steel blade with gold jade handle in the shape of a horse’s head and the bridle of the horse’s mouth is made of gold and enamel, and the sheath and cover are made of gold with a flower and plant pen.

Porcelain bowl with Qajar period prayers

Porcelain plate ordered by Haj Mokhtar Tabrizi, 1260 AH

Porcelain plate ordered by Iranian merchants of the Qajar period, 1260 AH

A porcelain bowl with poems and greetings to the ruler of the martyrs of Imam Hussein (as)

Porcelain bowl with prayer square

All silk rug

Tehran Carpet – Suf Baft – Early Qajar

Kerman wool and carpet rug by Mohammad Kermani, 1314 AH, Houshang Shah’s court

Icon carpets attributed to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) Silk flowers and lines of Quranic verses

All silk rug – Armenian lines of Isfahan Julfa weave with the theme of the famous Amir Arsalan


Silk flower rug woven in Qara Dagh, early Qajar

Compass, the work of Master Abdolameh, Safavid era

Solar clock and qibla view and direction view, the work of Master Khadimwar Muhammad bin Al-Ajmafl

Spherical astrolabe (astronomical sphere), engraving and engraving of the names of constellations and stars, by Mohammad bin Ahmad Al-Bruhnousi, year 984 AH