Founder Words

Praise be to God Almighty that the orators are unable to praise him and the accountants are incapable of counting his blessings and the diligent ones are unable to fulfill his right. The God who is not understood by the deep-minded thoughts and will not reach the hands of the divers of the sea of ​​sciences, the God who adorned man with his inner speech and put in him a intoxicating compassion and set a perfect example for Hazrat Mustafa, peace and blessings of God be upon him. And he guided us to follow the divine religion and made us proud of our love and obedience to His will, and He provided the success of this small step in the path of knowledge of human thought and art.

Now, on the way to serving knowledge and insight, where the wings of angels are open, I offer a gift to science and scholars to see the intentions to the most divine grace.

For many years, I have been following Iranian books and Islamic manuscripts with enthusiasm, and now I am on the path of serving knowledge and insight among the ancient manuscripts written by Shiite scholars, sages, theologians, scholars, and the works of eminent scholars – especially those who research and study. Unpublished – I pay close attention to and observe and observe the angles of thoughts, discussions, and moral matters, and where the virtues and virtues of the rulers and thinkers of the predecessors, and the knowledge of its secrets and mysteries are spoken, and observed. We may be laying the groundwork for what is necessary and useful to current human knowledge. Therefore, rewriting, correcting, annotating and publishing valuable works will be among the most important goals along this path.

It is obvious that their intellectualism in the science of the lower (natural) and (Jaliyah) and especially in the unique sciences of the secret (strange sciences) in the relations of numbers and letters and its properties on the four elements and humanities, literature and art which is one of the most prominent fruits of human mind. , Is not limited to that time, and its sweetness transcends time and place. Recognizing thoughts and works of art is knowing human beings, and displaying and recognizing those mental works and blessings will promote hope and self-confidence in the young generation. Preservation and restoration of exquisite works of predecessors and production of cultural and artistic works are other goals.

The treasure trove of valuable manuscripts and cultural works, which has material and spiritual support, has been prepared and continued to operate in the private sector in a non-profit manner by the grace of God, and thanks to the efforts of all dignitaries who somehow share our thoughts and actions. I am very grateful for their help.

Dr. Mohammad Sadegh Mahfouzi
Founder and director of the Anthropology Encyclopedia Museum and Center
Ibn Sina Research Institute