Knowing The Founder

Dr. Mohammad Sadegh Mahfouzi completed his studies in clinical psychology at the British State University until his doctorate and at the same time was able to study philosophy.

Dr. Mohammad Sadegh Mahfouzi is the founder and secretary general of the Ibn Sina Research Institute, the encyclopedic center of anthropology and the museum of manuscripts and cultural works.
Ibn Sina Research Institute and Anthropological Encyclopedia Center with more than two decades of activity in the field of science, culture and art by the head of the center (Dr. Mahfouzi) and faculty members so far more than seven hundred titles of research and guidance books and dissertations (PhD courses) ) Is adorned with ornaments.

More than twenty titles of books such as (Psychological systems, pure manifestation, politics from the perspective of the afterlife of the world, six analytical speeches on the meaning of Iranian and Islamic art, etc.) can be mentioned by Dr. Mohammad Sadegh Mahfouzi.
Museum of Manuscripts and Cultural Works Dr. Mohammad Sadegh Mahfouzi with more than seventy thousand works and manuscripts and cultural in various sections of books and manuscripts, paintings and miniatures, seals and rings, coins, pottery, glass and 2 reliable bases for researchers And artists and tourism.

So far, tens of thousands of people have visited this center and museum, including many scientific, cultural and social figures of the world.
In 2001, Dr. Mahfouzi was awarded a UNESCO Certificate of Appreciation for his cultural and research services by UNESCO Representative Hassan Abdolhossein Safar.

In 2004, during a ceremony in the conference hall of Niavaran Palace by the head of the Cultural Heritage Organization of the time, Dr. Mahfouzi, the exemplary museum owner of the country, was selected and received a plaque of appreciation from the Vice President and Head of the Cultural Heritage Organization.

In 2006, in the emerald hall of Homa Hotel, by the Association of Cultural Works and Honors of Iran, during a ceremony honoring Dr. Mahfoozi as the winner of contemporary cultural honors, plaques of appreciation and thanks of the Association of Cultural Works and Honors and the Foundation of Memorization and Encyclopedia of Iranology The Cultural Heritage Organization and the representative of the Royal Library of Bahrain were awarded to Dr. Mahfouzi during the Museum and Cultural Heritage Week. شد.


From Dr. Sadegh Mahfouzi (Founder and Founder of the above-mentioned centers) with his loving efforts and the preservation and care of cultural monuments and the establishment of one of the largest museums in the Middle East and the holding of scientific and cultural conferences and gatherings and the creation of specialized exhibitions Educational, research, publishing and compiling books on the same subject for several years by the center and the mentioned organizations have been praised and honored by the Islamic Culture and Guidance Organization as the selected servant of the Qur’an and he has been selected as the Organization of the Islamic Conference and member They are also permanent and effective of the World Museum Organization (ICOM).


His life full of effort, research, follow-up and valuable scientific and cultural services, which is accompanied by personal material support, is in the service of Iranian science, culture and art, and Iran and the current human society, which is itself a strategy in promoting scientific and cultural level. And it is a struggle in science and learning of the present age