Mahfouzi Museum

For many years, the personal interests of the center management (Dr. Sadegh Mahfoozi) in collecting and researching manuscripts provided them with a very exquisite personal collection that gradually became one of the most precious and unique museums in the Middle East.


Although all of these exquisite and valuable manuscripts were provided over the years with much effort and personal expense by the center management (as well as their grandparents), they were kept in several separate, remote repositories and lacked order.

On the other hand, it was feared that the most important purpose and motivation for purchasing and preserving these valuable works, ie to make them available and exposed for use by researchers and the cultural community of the country, would not be estimated by this scattering of works. Stay.
The combination of these factors and the beautiful attitude of Dr. Sadegh Mahfouzi and the idea of ​​research in the essence and within the intellectual methods and taste tendencies of the predecessors caused a part of the floors of the encyclopedia center building in the form of museums and permanent exhibitions of cultural and artistic manuscripts to be seen. Place the copies in one convenient place.

Upgrading manuscripts to 40,000 manuscripts, researching and publishing 10 comprehensive museum works in three languages: Persian, Arabic and English, providing services to researchers in the fields of traditional medicine, theology and philosophy, foreign sciences, astronomy and more complete workshop equipment Restoration of works and most importantly the establishment of the World Center for Expertise in Cultural Works, a history that registers calligraphic works with the cooperation of prominent domestic and foreign experts, revives 109 traditional Iranian arts, supports contemporary artists, holds exhibitions of Iranian calligraphy, painting and art in countries Various and safe exhibitions of museum works in the world are among the most important recent activities of this museum.
The Museum of the Anthropological Encyclopedia Center is the largest non-governmental museum in Iran, which houses a valuable treasure trove of ancient Islamic manuscripts.