Public Relation

Now, after fourteen centuries of writing the Qur’an, we are in a period when, although the printing industry has become all-encompassing, diverse and astonishing, the Qur’an and some religious texts are still written in beautiful calligraphy by the calligraphers of the artist and illuminated by the delicacy of Islamic artists. Arrays and binding.
It seems that in this tumultuous world, Islamic motifs are still rippling through the veins of Muslim artists and seeking to create original works. We, too, who have come a long way from the old artists, intend to preserve the ancient arts and blend them, to flourish the ancient traditions, and to pass them on to the next generation and tomorrow.
Therefore, this collection seeks to recognize artists and art lovers from all over the world who, in a way, with their outstanding art, can accompany this center and benefit everyone from the grace of their Islamic art.
All loved ones who have old works and manuscripts can donate or sell their works to this center. This move, in a way, will pave the way for research studies and the publication of top works in collaboration with the publishing institute of this center.