restoration workshop

Most of this museum consists of written heritage and manuscripts in the form of documents, historical, scientific and religious books, which are among the assets of the country and if we look further, belong to all thinkers. Although the reconstruction of works and manuscripts has a long history, its scientific and modern meaning does not only mean putting together separated or destroyed pieces of works, but also a comprehensive study of the work and the structure of the components for optimal restoration and maintenance.

Therefore, the conservation and restoration workshop of the Anthropological Encyclopedia Center was established with the opinion and emphasis of the esteemed founder, Dr. Mahfouzi, using all facilities to prevent the progress of the decaying and decaying processes for the optimal preservation of antiquities and manuscripts.

With more than two decades of activity, this complex has been able to find a privileged position in terms of protection, restoration and maintenance at the level of the international conservation and restoration community.

The existence of written works, which number over seventy thousand works and are exposed to severe vulnerability to environmental factors including physical, chemical and biological, led us to make the protection and restoration of written works a priority.

Achieving such an important thing is not possible without workshop equipment and knowledge of scientific principles and the latest restoration methods accepted by the international community of protection and restoration.

As in many other museums, we sometimes see the destruction of works due to lack of knowledge in various stages; Such as how to keep the works in the tanks, moving and transporting them and how to display them correctly, disinfection steps, treatment and repair methods, strengthening and so on.


  • The basic policy of this workshop:

    o Cleaning and removing harmful agents

    o Reversibility of restoration methods

    o Reinforcement

    Reconstruction of old works and manuscripts with appropriate chemicals

    Development and implementation of protection and maintenance instructions:

    o Create suitable conditions for works

    o Humidity and temperature control

    o Control of biological agents

    o Control the occurrence of acidity and treatment in the works

    Ongoing plans and activities of the Anthropology Museum renovation workshop:

    o Plan to prepare a certificate of expertise and restoration with prioritization for all works

    o Pathology of written and linear works

    o Technology

    o Conducting basic scientific research

    o Perform emergency repairs

    o Implement proper warehousing instructions

    Activities performed:

    o Restoration of more than 2000 written works along with the preparation of works certificates

    Restoration of 300 pieces of pottery and ceramics of the Islamic period

    Restoration of 150 works by great painters of the Safavid, Qajar and contemporary periods

    o Restoration of more than 6000 volumes of books

    o Restoration of about 2000 pieces of line

    Restoration of more than 700 paintings by great painters of the Safavid, Qajar and contemporary periods

    o Restoration of about 140 pieces of pottery and ceramics

    o Restoration of more than 400 lacquer works such as pens and …

    Reconstruction of these works has been done by artistic personalities and masters of restoration, among whom can be: Seyyed Hossein Nojomi, Mohammad Nasir Atighi, Ali Shekari, Ali Zolghadr, Hossein Derakhshan, Kamran Pouyan, Hojjat Kashfi, Ashtari, Salimi Moghadam … And ladies: he named Farshchian and Ziaei.