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یاددداشت هفته دکتر محفوظی

Heavenly Notes #1:The need for God-consciousness is embedded in human nature, instilled in our being from the very first moments of our lives. Thus, divinity and religiosity have been inseparable principles throughout human existence.

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دکتر محمدصادق محفوظی

Dr. Mohammad Sadegh Mahfouzi is the founder and secretary general of the Ibn Sina Research Institute, the Anthropological Encyclopedia Center and Museum of Manuscripts and Cultural Works.
Ibn Sina Research Institute and Anthropological Encyclopedia Center with more than two decades of activity in the field of science, culture and art by the director of the center (Dr. Mohammad Sadegh Mahfouzi) and faculty members so far more than seven hundred research books, guidance, counseling and dissertation ( Ph.D.) is adorned with ornaments.