Photo printing of two other exquisite manuscripts from the collection

In a ceremony attended by prominent cultural figures, 20 Quranic, scientific, cultural and artistic manuscripts of the Mahfouzi Museum were unveiled.
The head of the Anthropology Encyclopedia Center announced the publication of a photo of two exquisite manuscripts of the book “Sabah Prayer” and the book “Jami Bills” in his collection, and referring to the broken calligraphy of Mirza Gholamreza Esfahani in writing Jami Bills, added: The whole book includes 43 pages 12 It is a line whose initial pages have a beautiful title with azure, gold, yellow, orange, black and white motifs, and the colors have been used with interesting elegance and variety in the rows and tables of the following pages.

Mahfouzi also explained about the antiquity of writing the book: The signature of the author of the work, dated 1291 lunar, can be seen.

He stated that the photo printing of the mentioned work was published this Ramadan with the introduction of “Ali Heidrisavoli” and the efforts of “Seyyed Sadegh Hosseini Eshkori”: The photo printing of this 148-page book was done by Ibn Sina Research Institute.

In another part of his speech, he referred to the publication of a photo publication of another book called “Prayer of Sabah” and said: This prayer, which is considered one of the beloved prayers of Amir al-Mu’minin (AS), was written by “Mohammad Shafi Tabrizi” in 1237 AH. The script has been transcribed.

Emphasizing that some of the various translations of this prayer have been published in the first pages of the book, he said: The biography and works of the author of the book are also summarized on pages 41 and 42. A photo edition of this prayer has been published in the form of a 94-page, color book by the Ibn Sina Research Institute, and its introduction has been written by Seyyed Sadegh Hosseini Eshkevari.