Unveiling of 20 Quranic, scientific, cultural and artistic works

On Saturday evening, during a glorious ceremony attended by a group of people from culture, science, art and literature, twenty manuscripts in the Quranic, scientific, cultural and artistic fields were unveiled by the Anthropological Encyclopedia Center of the Museum of Manuscripts and Cultural Art of Dr. Mohammad Sadegh Mahfouzi.

According to the press office of the Anthropology Encyclopedia Center of the Museum of Manuscripts and Cultural Art of Dr. Mohammad Sadegh Mahfouzi, on Saturday evening a large number of experts, writers, artists and officials unveiled twenty exquisite Quranic, scientific, cultural and artistic manuscripts during a magnificent ceremony at the Spinas Hotel in Tehran. کردن.

According to this report, Dr. Mohammad Sadegh Mahfouzi, head of the Anthropology Encyclopedia Center of the Museum of Manuscripts and Cultural Manuscripts, stated in this regard: We will stay for the future.

He continued: “Manuscripts and cataloging is a very specialized and very accurate subject in recent years, which has now become a modern form, while the subject is very important in the field of recognizing the type and type of paper and the age and the author himself. They pay special attention to it.

Mahfoozi added: “The very special point is that those who have spent many years in the field of bibliography are those who have always sat on human peaks and have spent all their efforts to keep the content of the books original and true.”

The head of the Anthropology Encyclopedia Center of the Museum of Manuscripts and Artistic Cultural Works, Dr. Mohammad Sadegh Mahfouzi, continued: “Unfortunately, in recent years, the recognition of books in our country has become an unfortunate issue, while we must remember a nation that has content, roots and roots.” To distance oneself from one’s culture seems to distance oneself from one’s parents and one’s cultural and human identity, and in such circumstances it is necessary for the great scholars of the country to take a deep look at the general perspective of our society today.

Dr. Mahfouzi, referring to the statistics in the field of reading in today’s society, said: “Undoubtedly, it will be a shame that the per capita reading in our country is so low and it is ignored, while no one can claim such a society is capable of dialogue.” With the world community in the fields of science, knowledge and culture.

Criticizing the country’s cultural authorities for their general inattention to the culture of reading, he said: “I hope a deep look at the subject of reading will lead society to deeper cultural and artistic layers.”

It is worth mentioning that the twenty manuscripts unveiled are: Bayaz Divan’s Poems and Poems by Salman Savoji, Golestan Saadi belonging to the Safavid era, reference by Abdolkarim Tehrani, Fih Mafia Jalaluddin Balkhi Rumi, a hadith in mysticism written for Fath Ali Shah Qajar, Khwarazmshahi reserve of the sixth century AH, spiritual Masnavi by Naskh, Reyhan and Nastaliq, Saadi generalities related to the year 1009 AH, several treatises on a preserved tablet of the year 1293 AH, description of Golshan Raz, Shahnameh in the dusty line of Nastaliq of the Qajar period, Zandieh era, Ahmad Nirizi prayer book, complete Quran on skin, Hafez’s divan in Sultan Ali Mashhadi script, Golshan Raz’s description related to Safavid era, Hafez’s divan written by Mohammad Ismail Shirazi, Indonesian Kufi Quranic sheet, 6th century AH And some treatises in medicine written by Mohammad Ibn Noorullah Qari Hosseini.

This report states that in this ceremony, eminent experts and experts such as Professor Mehdi Mohaghegh, Dr. Mirjalaluddin Kazazi, Professor Abdo … Anwar, Professor Mushashei, Professor Mehdi Atighi, Lady Professor Mahdieh Elahi Ghomshei, Professor Hassan Amin and a few other professors Culture and Art gave a lecture and each of them introduced the books and copies unveiled.