Visit of the Bolivian ambassador from the Museum of Manuscripts 

The Bolivian ambassador and accompanying delegation noted the cultural and historical similarities between Iran and Bolivia during a three-hour visit to the Museum of Manuscripts and Cultural Heritage on September 18th. The meeting, which was attended by a number of university professors, examined parts of Achaemenid history and ancient Bolivian history, as well as the relationship between numbers, letters, and foreign sciences, which are also considered in Bolivian cultural history. In this meeting, Dr. Mahfouzi, while presenting the history of Islamic and Iranian civilization, noted that human beings have made significant progress in natural sciences or, in the words of Aristotle, in the sciences, to the extent that they now have a completely positivist personality, but certainly in the creation of sciences and meanings. There is a lot of pride that can be pointed to the transcendental sciences or the psychic path or the turning points between the psychic and pure intellectual sciences. Mathematics, philosophy, psychology, and human nature provide superior capabilities to what humanity has achieved today.

Few people have paid attention to these meanings and the subtle and luminous references of the Qur’an in the syllables and healing auras of the Qur’anic verses can be mentioned. They are peace.