Khatami: We still do not pay attention to museums as we should

Seyyed Mohammad Khatami, visiting the Encyclopaedia of Anthropology, said: “The most general and important thing that constitutes a nation is a common memory that forms a national identity.” It is natural that someone who has a greater historical background and a greater historical memory is a greater nation

He added: “Of course, this does not mean that the nation has; It may be backward, degenerate, and regressive, but its identity base is stronger, and if it is conscious, it can make up for those backwardnesses.

The head of the International Institute for the Dialogue of Cultures and Civilizations stated: “If shared memory is the basis of a society’s national identity, the museum and contemporary artifacts from the past are very important and noteworthy. In fact, it is the identity of a nation and society.”

Seyyed Mohammad Khatami said: “Unfortunately, in many countries, such as our country, museums and museum affairs are viewed as a hobby or as something that is dead and no longer alive and belongs to the past.”

The head of the Baran Foundation said: “The museum has a very fundamental and living role in the current life of our time, because first of all, it is the identity card of our historical identity and historical memory, and if we accept nationality and nation, we will look at the museum as important and fundamental.” Secondly, the museum is a school and there we can recognize the identity that belongs to us.

Khatami said: “We also see private museums in the world, but important museums are government museums that are managed and updated with government facilities.”