12 linear and cultural works were unveiled in the Anthropological 

According to IRNA on Friday from the Ibn Sina Research Institute, Mehdi Mohaghegh stressed the importance of the ceremony, which was attended by thinkers, university and seminary professors, and a number of ambassadors and representatives from Kuwait, Palestine, Qatar, Libya, Kenya, Bukharin, and Turkey. Emphasized preservation, correction, confrontation, and research in manuscripts.
Ayatollah Fazel Maliki, referring to the history of Islamic and Quranic books, compared the preservation of these works in the line of struggle in the way of God and compared the works of the West and the East.
The books unveiled at the ceremony include “Quran in the script of Aladdin Beyk Tabrizi”, “Moroccan Kufic prayers in the ninth century AH”, “Quran in the Kufic script in the eighth century AH”,
“Quran of Qajar religion by the order of Mirza Mohammad Khan Sartip in Ahmad Waqar script”, “A part of the Quran by Baysanghar Mirza Ibn Shahrokh”, “Rasm al-Mashq by Yaqut Mustasemi” In the handwriting of Mohammad Hussein Shirazi “,” Sharh Sawa’iq Ibn Hajar Asqalani unpublished “,” Sahah al-Lugha of the Timurid period “,” Album of rare coins (multiplication of the cities of Qom, Tus and Rey) Safavid “,” History of Babridar in the year 936 volumes of fuel of the Timurid period “.
The new Anthropological Encyclopedia Museum is a combination of manuscripts and a collection of unique Qur’anic manuscripts, Iranian and Islamic calligraphy, paintings and inscriptions, rings and seals, lacquer works and paintings behind glass, amulets and prayers.