Private curators were honored

According to IRNA’s cultural heritage correspondent on Wednesday, “Mohammad Sadegh Mahfouzi”, “Sadegh Kharazi” and “Mohammad Taghi Hashemian” are three private collectors whose efforts were appreciated at the ceremony.
These people started collecting ancient Iranian manuscripts about 20 years ago and have been able to collect more than one hundred thousand works and keep them in their private collections according to international standards.
Hashemian, director of the Research Institute for History and Civilization of the East with a doctorate in international economics, has collected a collection of over 20,000 manuscripts, lacquer paintings, rings, seals and pens from all over Iran.
Mahfouzi, another collection honored at the event, holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology from the UK and is the founder of the Anthropology Encyclopedia Center.
In this center, more than 700 research books and dissertations in the fields of psychology and politics from the perspective of post-tomorrow thinking of the world have been published and collected.
Dr. Mahfouzi Museum of Manuscripts, with more than 70,000 manuscripts and cultural works, is a center for researchers and artists for research.
Sadegh Kharazi, the former ambassador of Iran in Paris, was also introduced as one of the successful collectors.
He could not attend the ceremony due to boredom and Dr. Mahfouzi received his certificate.
Dr. Kharazi Museum is also a collection of manuscripts.
According to the report, Dr. Mahfouzi offered his condolences on the occasion of the demise of Grand Ayatollah Behjat: “We are proud to serve the culture and civilization of Iran and we do it with love and interest and we do not need protection.”