Forty houses to forty

Dr. Mohammad Sadegh Mahfouzi completed his doctorate in clinical psychology at the British State University with a doctorate, while also studying philosophy.

He is also the director of the Ibn Sina Research Institute and the secretary general of the Islamic Society of Iranian Researchers.

Regarding the Encyclopedia of Anthropology Center of Iran, it can be said that it is close to Dodeha, which, with the help of divine blessings, has been the source of many services to the culture and knowledge of Islamic-Iranian civilization.

The publication of 300 books and dozens of research articles in various fields of humanities and technological topics has been a cornerstone of the center’s activities.

The Anthropological Encyclopedia Center, in constant communication with world scientific centers such as UNESCO, Oxford, New York City University, Moscow University and the Islamic Centers of Hamburg, as well as launching an active website, has been able to play an effective role in interaction and cultural exchange with contemporary scientific centers.

Dr. Mahfouzi has been selected by UNESCO and the Cultural Heritage Organization