Unveiling of 13 exquisite works in the Anthropology Encyclopedia Center

Dr. Mohammad Sadegh Mahfouzi, Director of the Encyclopedia of Anthropology and Ibn Sina Research Institute Karim in the handwriting of Mohammad Reza Khansari written for Motamed Al-Sultan, the Holy Quran in the handwriting of Abu al-Qasim Sharif written for Fath Ali Shah Qajar and the book of letters of Ibrahim Faqir, 800 AH, which is in the description of the words of the Holy Quran, are among these works.
He ‌ Six books of spiritual Masnavi in ​​full Herati script related to the Timurid period in 842 AH, seven military bodies of Ganjavi in ​​the Timurid period by Giso Shah, Mulla Sadra’s four journeys with the commentary of the late Assar, the book Nahj al-Balaghah 12th century AH, a piece of prayer line in the handwriting of Mohammad Ibn Ahmad Nirizi, the prayer for the delivery of the sun in the handwriting of Ahmad Tabatabai and the generalities of Khajavi Kermani related to the year 830 AH, which was completed by one of his students at the same time as Khajou’s life. .
Mahfouzi, referring to the painting entitled “The Desert of Desert and Saqi Kowsar” by Mohammad Hossein Naghashbashi from the 13th century and the period of Fath Ali Shah Qajar, said: “This type of painting is less seen among the paintings of the Safavid and Qajar periods and among the 10 Thousand Paintings is a unique encyclopedia of anthropology.
He stated: In the Anthropological Encyclopedia Center, more than 7,000 volumes of the Qur’an and nearly 30,000 manuscripts are kept.
Mahfouzi also announced on the sidelines of the ceremony: This collection has about 100,000 manuscripts and cultural works.