Registration of exquisite Iranian works

The head of the Anthropological Encyclopedia Center said: “Iran’s exquisite and unique works should be registered and marked so that they can be observed and not leave the country at any cost.”
According to the Fars Religion and Thought Reporter, Mohammad Sadegh Mahfouzi, on the sidelines of the unveiling ceremony of exquisite Quranic works and manuscripts, asked several questions about the activities of the Encyclopedia Encyclopedia Center and Ibn Sina Research Institute and said: The main mission of the Encyclopedia Institute Library and Museum Ibn Sina’s anthropology and research is the protection of the spiritual heritage of the country and artistic writings.
The head of the Anthropological Encyclopedia Center continued: “In this collection, 100,000 manuscripts and stone works, including a library of manuscripts, paintings, calligraphy (rings and seals), cultural and historical museum and paintings of different periods of Iranian and Islamic history, along with valuable manuscripts.” The Holy Quran is available for public viewing.
* This center operates without government support
Regarding how to support the works of this institute, Mahfouzi stated: This center is run privately and without government support, and part of its income comes from the publication of the works of this institute, and the board of directors of this center works with personal motives. .
He added: “Printing and reviving manuscripts is one of the actions of this center, which is associated with many problems, and also maintaining the works of this center is a problem that requires research and correction, confrontation with other works, communication with good libraries around the world and using The views of experts.