Moj News Agency: Thirty-four thousand manuscripts in Dr. Mahfouzi Museum

On the occasion of World Museum Day, a commemoration ceremony was held at the Artists’ House with the presence of the country’s directors, ICOM executive board members and other members, artists, collectors and private museum owners, and the works of Dr. Mahfoozi Museum were exhibited.

According to Moj, citing the public relations of the Anthropological Encyclopedia Center, in this ceremony, exquisite and valuable works such as Ferdowsi Shahnameh related to Safi Alishah Library with 98 miniature assemblies by Moin Al-Masour and another Shahnameh with 44 miniature assemblies by Lotfali Soortgar , Spiritual Masnavi by calligrapher Mirza Mohammad Ibrahim Qomi and another spiritual Masnavi by calligrapher Shah Mahmoud Neyshabouri and another Masnavi by calligrapher Abolghasem from the descendants of Maulana Jalaluddin Balkhi Khamseh Nezami Ganjavi in ​​the handwriting of Shah Mahmud Neyshabouri, a divan of Hafiz in the handwriting of the poet Vesal, the book of Ibn Sina’s law related to the Timurid period and a part of the Kufi Quran was unveiled.
The report also states that this exquisite collection, along with 34,000 other manuscripts, was housed in Dr. Mahfouzi’s museum, and that all the works unveiled were displayed to the public and the public during the ceremony in the hall of the Artists’ House.