Holding the unveiling ceremony of Dr. Mahfouzi’s linear 

According to the Iranian Student Reporters Club “ScanNews” on Saturday, citing the public relations of the Anthropological Encyclopedia Center and Ibn Sina Research Institute, the ceremony was attended by thinkers, professors, academics and seminarians and a number of ambassadors of Islamic countries such as ambassadors and representatives of Kuwait. Palestine, Qatar, Libya, Kenya, Bahrain, Turkey …
In this ceremony, manuscripts and a collection of unique Quranic copies of Iranian and Islamic calligraphy, paintings, ‌ inscriptions, ring and seal, lacquer works and paintings behind glass, amulets and prayers and manuscripts by Ayatollah Seyed Hadi Khosroshahi and Dr. Mahfouzi Unveiled.
According to the same report, in this ceremony, the Qur’an in the script of Aladdin Beyk Tabrizi, the Moroccan Kufi prayers in the ninth century AH, the Qur’an in the Kufi script of the eighth century AH, the Qajar religion in the order of Mirza Mohammad Khan Sartip in the script of Ahmad Waqar, a part of Quran Baysanghar Mirza Ibn Shahrokh, Rasm al-Mashq Yaqut Mustasami, Encyclopedia of medical terms to Abu al-Hassan Ibn Alijah Mirza Abu Torabkhan Ibn Merhamat (Ramadan 1279 AH), morning prayers in the handwriting of Mohammad Hussein Shirazi Qom Mohammad Ali 12 Nazim al-Mulk, Sharh Sawa’iq Ibn Hajar Aqlani unpublished, Sahah al-Linga of the Timurid period, the album of rare coins (multiplication of the cities of Qom, Tus and Rey) Safavid, Tarikh Babri in the year 936 volumes of fuel of the Timurid period, was unveiled in this ceremony.
Dr. Mehdi Mohaghegh, while praising the efforts of Dr. Sadegh Mahfouzi, pointed out the importance of preserving, correcting, confronting and researching calligraphic works.